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Synthetic Oils

Why Mobil Synthetic Lubricants? The shortest answer: They work BETTER.

Since the introduction of Mobil 1 in 1974, the Mobil SHC (Synthetic Hydro-Carbon) family has grown to cover all aspects of Lubrication. From the most acclaimed Mobil 1 to the Heavy Duty Delvac 1 for heavy Duty Diesel Engines, from Synthetic Auto/Transport Gear Oils and Greases to sophisticated Industrial Gear or Air Compressor Oils the Mobil SHC family keeps on growing to satisfy and lubricate the hardest working equipment.

If your concern is Environmental or Equipment Life or Labour Savings or to avert Sudden Failures the answer to those concerns is found in the Mobil SHC range of lubricants.

Environmental, because the Extra Performance and Protection result in a substantial reduction in Energy Usage.

Extended Equipment life, because the use of Mobil SHC products mean Lower Wear, Reduce Temperatures resulting in longer life.

Sudden Failures, because the above points make failures less frequent and, if coupled to Mobil Monitor Oil Analysis, less unexpected and more predictable.

There isn’t an Oil marketer in the world that doesn’t compare its products to Mobil 1. It is the undisputed leader.

So, whether you are in Automotive, Transport, Industry, Mining or marine and you want to start Saving Energy, Extending Equipment life and Reduce Downtime contact us sooner rather than later.

You can also look through the Product Data Sheets following the links in our site, find what you need and contact us. And if by any chance you cannot find what you are looking for, contact us, we can offer the best solution and also the Lubrication Engineering Advise and Sales Service that you need.

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