Mobil Products

Statewide Oil - your local team for Mobil Oils

We offer, distribute and sell a comprehensive range of Mobil passenger car engine oils, Mobil commercial vehicle and Mobil industrial lubricant products in a complete range of packaging ranging from 1-litre packs through to bulk tanker deliveries. Our vision is to offer products and services that add value to your business and to build long lasting business relationships that are backed by the quality of the Mobil brand.

Mobil’s Product range includes mineral and synthetic gear oils, hydraulic and slide-way fluids, food grade oils and metalworking fluids. There is also an extensive selection of mineral and synthetic greases for a wide variety of operating conditions.  We also a comprehensive range of cleaner’s coolants and cutting fluids.


Shell Products ex Oil Direct Sydney

Oil Direct Sydney is now Statewide Oil Sydney. Same location, same products, same delivery.

Dedicated to delivering superior products and services, Statewide Oil offers the flexibility and versatility to suit a wide range of customers, all at competitive pricing. Statewide Oil delivers your bulk or packaged lubricant products directly from our Sydney warehouse, so when you need it most, we can deliver.

When working with Statewide Oil, you are working with a Shell Lubricants Distributor. By partnering with a globally recognised industry leader, our customers are guaranteed the best of the best.

The Statewide Oil team can also provide you with regular oil analysis testing services, ensuring equipment problems can be addressed prior to catastrophic failure – preventing potential significant down time and loss
of earnings.